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Managed Services

Smart Network Consulting can provide Managed Services for selective services or supplement your whole IT department.

  • 24/7 Support Service
    Our Support Services are available 24 by 7, because your business can't afford any down time. Guaranteed 4 hour response times.
  • On-Site Support
    You can arrange regularly scheduled or as needed visits as you require. Only pay for the time that you need.
  • Monitoring of your network and systems. We connect our monitoring and paging systems to your infrastructure so that we get notified the moment there is a problem. We start working on it before you call us!
  • Remote Management
    Management can be done via encrypted VPN connections. Get service faster than if someone drove out to your site.
  • Service Level Agreements and Guaranteed response times
    • We can provide guaranteed response times for your mission critical systems.
  • Ticket Tracking
    All support issues are entered into out ticketing system. This allows us to track response time and build a history of your environment. With this history our technicians can more quickly resolve issues.
  • Access to High Level Expertise
    We have the high level engineers and developers required for your projects. Microsoft and Cisco certified personnel.