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  • Cassandra 4.1 promises dev guardrails and pluggable storage

    Apache project focused on stability following previous major upgrade

    More than a year after its 4.0 major upgrade, Apache Cassandra is set to release its 4.1 iteration next week, promising pluggable schema management and new guardrails to help ops professionals keep those devs in line.?

  • Italy, Japan, UK to jointly launch sixth-gen fighter jet by 2035

    Warplane project may include AI in the cockpit, and comes as tensions rise with China and Russia

    The United Kingdom, Japan and Italy will pool resources to build a sixth-generation warplane scheduled to be ready for deployment by 2035, with capabilities to rival never-before-seen tech on fighter jets built by China and Russia, although this wasn't stated explicitly.?

  • MacOS9.app: A tour de force of emulation and integration

    The 'Infinite Mac' is an astonishing demonstration of emulation and integration between some of the best tech of the '90s and the '20s

    Friday FOSS Fest Emulators make it easy to run vintage software in a window on a modern machine, but without specialist knowledge of obsolete systems, it can be hard to do much with them. It turns out, unexpectedly, that a good answer to this is? run them in a browser.?

  • Guess which Fortune 500 brands and govt agencies share data with Twitter?

    Spoiler alert: just about all of them, all across the planet

    More than 70,000 websites belonging to Fortune 500 brands, government agencies, and universities share consumers' data with Twitter using data tracking code hosted on these other organizations' websites, according to research published on Thursday by Adalytics.?

  • UK lawmakers look to enforce blocking tools for legal but harmful content

    The latest idea in the long gestation of the online harms legislation

    The UK government is putting forward changes to the law which would require social media platforms to give users the option to avoid seeing and engaging with harmful ? but legal ? content.?

  • Linux kernel 6.1: Rusty release could be a game-changer

    Don't sob into your battered copy of K&R though, the shift will move slowly

    Opinion Linus Torvalds is happy to tell you that Linux release numbers aren't a big deal.?

  • Inadequate IT partly to blame for NHS doctors losing 13.5 million working hours

    Anyone who's ever been in the system will be very familiar with British medical professionals' complaints

    As the UK's National Health Service strains under the burden of the winter crisis, a new study has revealed that more than 13.5 million working hours are lost yearly in England's health service alone due to inadequate IT systems and equipment.?

  • Greater London wing of comms union urges BT workers to reject pay offer

    No backdated pay, no allowances, no substantial rises for all grades, 'we feel it falls falls way short of your expectations'

    The Greater London Combined Branch of the CWU, the communications union, is urging BT workers to vote against the pay deal ahead of the crucial ballot scheduled for 15 December.?

  • Look like Bane, spend like Batman with Dyson's $949 headphones

    Mask apparently addresses urban pollution and noise, but doesn't even seal to the face

    If you've ever thought "I wish my incredibly expensive Bluetooth headphones were double the price and included a detachable mask that shot purified air at my face," Dyson has the product for you.?

  • Boss installed software from behind the Iron Curtain, techies ended up Putin things back together

    Comrade offered 'monitoring' tool to keep an eye on the workers

    On-Call Welcome once again, comrades, to On-Call, The Register's celebration of the tech proletariat's struggles with oppression by bourgeois bosses ? and the eventual triumph of the workers!?

  • Raspberry Pi hires former spy gadget-maker who baked devices into surveillance ops

    If he offers you a piece of the Chocolate Pi, be suspicious

    A former technical surveillance officer at the UK's Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU) ? a team charged with tackling serious organized crime and terrorism across seven local police forces ? has joined the Raspberry Pi Foundation and expressed his professional admiration for the organization's single board computers when pressed into service on police business.?

  • First-ever orbital satellite launch from British soil will be delayed

    It's not our fault, says Civil Aviation Authority

    Virgin Orbit's plan to launch a rocket into space from the UK has been delayed.?

  • Foxconn sinks $500m into India for iPhones, semiconductors

    Colosso-conglomerate Tata Group also wants some of Delhi's substantial silicon subsidies

    Electronics manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd ? better known as Foxconn ? will invest $500 million in India to expand its manufacturing presence on the subcontinent ? including a venture to make semiconductors.?

  • North Korea using freelance techies to fund missiles and nukes

    You won't see 'Agent of vile murderous autocracy' on their CVs. Or their faces on vid chats

    North Korean IT pros are using freelancing platforms to earn money that the nation's authoritarian government uses to fund the development of missiles and nuclear weapons, according to South Korea's government. Seoul therefore wants gig platforms to impose stricter checks to restrict its enemy's activities.?

  • Google's Dart language soon won't take null for an answer

    Unavoidable variable safety coming in version 3

    When the third major release of the Dart programming language debuts in mid-2023, null values will no longer be allowed where they're not expected.?